– Marcin Andrzej PAWŁOWSKI –

photographer of space

Hello! I’m looking at you! Nice to see you on my webpage. As you might guess I’m a photographer, curently based in the beautiful city of Paris, France. I’m specialised in the photography of space like architecture and interior design. Buildings have always fascinated me, so I’ve decided to became architect. During my studies in Poland and France photography started to play an important role in my life. It was a tool that enable me to record the creations of other architects and a way to express my point of view on those works. This passion for looking, over the years, became my  profession, and now it is my main activity.

I look at space through the eyes of an architect, and I shoot it with the skills and the gear of a professional photographer.

Check out below, those people trusted me with their creations and they weren’t disappointed. Weather your’re an architect, interior designer or a real estate owner I might be the right gun for hire.

Here’s the list of my clients, click on the icon to visit their vebsite:

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